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Chris Chen

Work Journal - Mr Yum 2019 - 2020

Journal1 min read

I worked as the first senior full-stack engineer at Mr Yum for about a year. It is a VC-funded startup in the much crowded hospitality space.


One toxic engineer was enough to scare the whole team and eventually drive peopel away. It was a shame that we hadn't defined and shared a "how we work" manifesto early on. It was also a shame that the rest of the engneering team, me included, didn't speak up early on.


  • Monolith Hell + Kubernetes = Monolith Hell
  • Infra / DevOps
    • Kubernetes with Amazon EKS
    • Helm
    • Terraform
    • Gitlab CI/CD
  • Tools
  • Javascript
    • setting up eslint and prettier
    • lint-staged - force lint during git commit
    • nvm
    • idx - safe way to access object properties and sub-objects
    • dinero - monetary calculation, currency, formatting
    • double bang
      1const value = raw || false``const value = !!raw
    • array.find vs. array.filter
    • Jest deep-dive
      • mock module, functions
      • describe.skip, it.skip
      • expect.toBeCalled
      • snapshot
    • polly.js - record and reply HTTP response in testing
  • Node.js backend
  • React Frontend
  • GraphQL
  • HTML