After years of consulting in enterprise software industry (a ton of slides and many red-eye flights to Europe), I switched to iOS app freelancing in 2010.

Two years later, I moved from Shanghai to Melbourne and continued working on various mobile apps. I also enjoy building JS web projects a lot.


As a runner, I launched this app by end of 2016 and have been improving it since then. Now fitness people are using it to enhance their action shots and sharing on social networks.

See awesome user posts on Instagram #workoutsnap

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Tech Stack

  • iOS app - Objective-C, Swift, React Native
  • Android app - Java, Kotlin, React Native
  • Front-end - HTML/CSS, React/Redux, Bootstrap, Semantic UI
  • Back-end - Node, Express, Meteor, MongoDB
  • Hosting - AWS, Heroku, Netlify

Your on-demand virtual tech co-founder

Over the past 3 years, I've been helping early-stage founders from a non-technical background to:

  • choose suitable tech-stacks to build and launch their MVPs
  • blueprint the system architecture with short-term cost-saving and long-term scalability in mind
  • find right tech people (freelancers/contractors/employees/tech co-founders)
  • safeguard the development (periodic code review, developer performance monitoring, project deliverable acceptance review)
  • evaluate the technical feasibility of product features

Admittedly, you may have all these covered if you can get a tech co-founder onboard, however, by doing so, you are giving out a part of your future company, moreover, what if you don't get along with your future tech co-founder, what if your future tech co-founder isn't capable for the job, how do you know he/she really puts his/her heart and soul into the project?