Senior full-stack engineer specialising in building modern cloud-native solutions with a variety of programming languages, frameworks and infrastructures. Backed by 20 years of tech working experience with a wide range of enterprises and startups.

resume (PDF)

Project - WorkoutSnap (live 😃)

Being a middle-of-the-pack marathoner runner, I launched this fitness+photo-editing app by end of 2016. As of May 2020, this little app has DAU 1.4K and MAU 8.8K.


Project - ClickStyle (dead 😵)

Pre-seed startup running a 2-sided marketplace for freelance stylists and beauticians. With 2 non-tech cofounders, we built and launched this side project and onboarded 200+ stylists. Customer acquisition was where the rubber hit the road, eventually, the project faded away.


Project - FUUTR (dead 😵)

Pre-seed startup attempting to launch Lime-like e-scooter sharing service in Australia. Over an intensive 4-month period, I built the whole system, but we couldn’t get a city council permit to launch, then the promised investment fell apart.