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Chris Chen

Work Journal - Liven 2019

Journal1 min read

I worked as a tech lead at Liven for a brief period of time in 2019. It is a VC-funded startup in the much crowded hospitality space.


  • Tech co-founder was bogged down with perpetual technical work, while missing out growth opportunities in other areas, such as leadership, communication, and business stragety. One day, when he raised his head above his laptop, he found the company he helped build had changed, and he was merely a senior engineer.

  • DON’T overgineer JIRA setup, especially in a startup.


  • architecture
    • Back-end server needs an adapter pattern for the payment processor. Stripe is often used for the MVP, but later the business is likely to be poached by other payment processors.
  • tools
    • Leanplum
    • Segment
    • Typeform feedback -> slack
  • iOS
    • Too many client API requests can choke the app performance
    • Use protocol to regulate class public interface, and property ready/write permission
    • Use broadcast/observer pattern to replace sending notification
    • Coordinator pattern
    • Use enum to define API endpoints (Moya)
    • dequeueReusableCellWithIdentifier:NSStringFromClass([AccountTableViewCell class])
    • Upload dsym ASAP so can pick it up
    • Use in-class enum to contain all the styles, similar to RN styles
    • Apple Pay device check
    • NumberFormatter
    • Simulate deep link with this command line
      1xcrun simctl openurl booted
  • Android
  • Python/Django