Over the past 3 years, I've been helping early-stage founders from a non-technical background to:

  • choose suitable tech-stacks to build and launch their MVPs
  • blueprint the system architecture with short-term cost-saving and long-term scalability in mind
  • find right tech people (freelancers/contractors/employees/tech co-founders)
  • safeguard the development (periodic code review, developer performance monitoring, project deliverable acceptance review)
  • evaluate the technical feasibility of product features

Admittedly, you may have all these covered if you can get a tech co-founder onboard, however, by doing so, you are giving out a part of your future company, moreover, what if you don't get along with your future tech co-founder, what if your future tech co-founder isn't capable for the job, how do you know he/she really puts his/her heart and soul into the project?

Consider me as your on-demand virtual tech co-founder, CTO, tech lead, guru, or whatever you call it, with a small cost you can make quick technical decisions with a peace of mind and, more importantly, you may avert much greater loss (financially and mentally) in the future.

Give me a shout if you feel like to chat!